Thursday, January 22, 2009

Beautiful Gemstone Jewelry

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All necklaces have strong magnetic clasps, gem stones, metal, crystal and glass beads (no plastic) and nylon coated no-kink wire.
Exact bead size, stone, color or shape may vary
all necklaces $35 - or purchase 2 for $60!

#1 freshwater pearls, tiger's eye, purple glass, copper glass, and amethyst

#2 onyx, crystal, aquamarine, and carnelian

#3 mother of pearl, copper glass, onyx, amethyst, freshwater pearl, horn

#4 jade, red and copper glass, aquamarine, pink jade, freshwater pearl, black crystal

#5 malachite, light and dark blue apatite, sunstone, glass, goldstone, garnet
reverse gemstone/color order

#6 amber, apatite, amethyst, moss agate, pink jade, fire agate
reverse gemstone/color order

#7 kyanite, amber, amethyst, pink jade, apatite, garnet, freshwater pearl
reverse gemstone/color order

Match with earrings! $45 set price for above necklace, paired with these earrings:

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